What Is Laser Facial Hair Removal?

Having a conversation is all fun and games until the speaker’s eyes become fixated on your unwanted facial hair. It’s difficult to keep up with shaving it—as if every time you shave away one hair, two more immediately spring up.

Luckily for you, laser facial hair removal eliminates unwanted upper lip, chin and sideburn hair, so that you’ll never have to think about it again.


Facial laser hair removal works by pinpointing the dark pigment of hair and destroying it directly at the root. There are multiple sessions that are each completed in a matter of minutes. The sensation is described as a rubber band snapping on the skin, but pain varies between patients.

There are several types of lasers typically utilized for hair removal, each with different advantages and purposes.

The Alexandrite Laser can be used on a wider range of skin tones and hair color combinations than other lasers, and is especially effective on coarse hair.

The ND:YAG Laser has the unique ability to distinguish between subtleties in skin pigmentation, effectively removing hair from almost any skin tone. Because this laser produces long beams, fewer pulses are needed to get the job done, meaning shorter sessions and minimal discomfort.


  • Anagen Phase, which is active.
  • Catagen Phase, when hair is in a regressive phase.
  • Telogen Phase, when hair follicles are in a resting phase.

Laser hair removal technology is designed to treat hair in the Anagen, or active phase. Other factors, such as ethnicity, age, weight, diet, hormones, medication and metabolism play roles in hair growth, location, thickness and resilience.


  • Speed: The small area of the upper lip can be treated in 60 seconds or less. Each click of the laser can wipe out an entire group of hairs, simultaneously.
  • Predictability: On average, the magic number lies between three and seven sessions, blessing most patients with permanent hair loss after that.
  • Precision: The laser specifically addresses the target region, while leaving the surrounding area unscathed.


  • This treatment may not be suitable for grey, fair, or light red hair.
  • The number of sessions will vary, depending on hair thickness, color, location on the body, and type of laser.


This treatment is not exclusive to females. By shaving over stubble, itchy and painful bumps can form on a man’s chin and neck. This treatment can rid him of unattractive bumps and irritation.


If you compare the cost of laser treatments to the expenses of a lifetime of shaving, waxing or using depilatories, laser hair removal is more cost-effective, and permanent.

It’s six o’clock. Ditch the five o’clock shadow and choose the hair removal treatment that leaves skin smoother, longer. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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