Distinguishing the Top Long Island Plastic Surgeons

Distinguishing the Top Long Island Plastic Surgeons

An excellent Long Island plastic surgery specialist can help you to look and feel your best. Thus, you may have more confidence and you might feel like taking part in more social activities.

Not all plastic surgeons are excellent, though. If yours is inexperienced, sloppy or just not that skilled, you might end up with less than desirable results. Even worse, a botched operation could lead to chronic pain, disfigurement and misery.

Therefore, it’s vital to do some research to locate the cosmetic surgeon of your dreams. For each surgeon you’re investigating, be sure to take the following steps.


It’s hard to believe, but there are plastic surgeons who aren’t certified in their field. Fortunately, you can go to the New York page of the American Board of Medical Specialties website and find a list of surgeons with certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

To get that certification, a doctor needs at least three years of surgical training and at least two years of plastic surgery instruction. It’s not against the law for a doctor to practice plastic surgery without such a certificate, but the quality of his or her work almost certainly won’t be as high as a surgeon who takes the time to perfect their skills with proper education and training.


Of course, it’s important to do even more research to ensure you’re in the right hands.

On the New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct website, you can find out how many times a plastic surgeon has been found guilty in court of malpractice or has been disciplined in some other manner. Steer clear of anyone without a clean record.

Information about a surgeon’s credentials is valuable, too. Did this person go to a medical school that’s widely respected? How many years of experience does he or she have in the procedure you want done? Does this individual perform it often ― say, a few times a month or more?

Additionally, ask the surgeon’s office for the names of the hospitals where he or she has privileges. A lack of hospital privileges can be a warning sign to stay away.

Studying pictures of a cosmetic surgeon’s patients can be useful as well. After all, there’s an element of plastic surgery that’s more artistic than scientific. A surgeon could have a spotless record, yet that person’s style might not mesh with the outcomes you have in mind. When you look at before and after photos of people who are similar to you in terms of body type or facial features, you’ll see what your results might look like.


Plastic surgery is both intimate and slightly intimidating. For those reasons, you’ll want a surgeon who makes you feel at ease, who listens to you and treats you with respect.

Naturally, you should read plenty of online reviews for a general sense of how well a surgeon treats patients.

You have many exceptional options when it comes to Long Island plastic surgery. Just by doing a little homework, you can be certain that you’ll go home with a lovely new look and maybe even an upbeat new attitude.


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