When Enough Is Enough: The Benefits Of Getting A Breast Reduction

When Enough Is Enough: The Benefits Of Getting A Breast Reduction

In our day and age, nothing can create the perfect image of a woman quite like a slender shaped figure and large breasts. However, one thing that many women don’t stop to think about when considering getting large breasts is the pain and discomfort that can be associated with them. Here at Cosmetic Surgery of NY, we want all of our patients to feel comfortable with their breast size. Whether your breasts are natural or if you have implants, we can perform a breast reduction surgery to give you breasts that will make you feel comfortable once again. Read on to learn more about the benefits of getting a breast reduction.


If you got breast implants that are simply too big for your body, you likely experienced a lot of skin stretching after your surgery— leaving you with some stretch marks and itching skin. By reducing your breasts to a smaller size,  you won’t have to worry about your skin stretching, which means that it will be smoother overall.


The biggest thing that women with large breasts complain about is having a tremendous amount of back pain. By placing a strain on the front part of your body, large breasts cause women to hunch over and place a lot of undue stress on their backs. By getting a breast reduction, however, you will notice that your chest is not only lighter but that your back is more comfortable as well.


In addition to having back pain, large breasts can also cause you to have bad posture because you are hunched over all the time trying to support your breasts. As another benefit of getting a breast reduction, however, you will be able to stand a little taller and experience better posture that will even make your supermodel friends jealous.

Getting a breast reduction can help you feel a lot healthier and stronger. If you are experiencing a lot of back pain due to overly large breasts, contact Cosmetic Surgery of NY today to schedule a consultation.

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