SculpSure: The Gold Standard in Body Contouring

SculpSure: The Gold Standard in Body Contouring

A new FDA-approved  light-based body contouring treatment that melts fat permanently is the newest weapon in the battle of the bulge.

SculpSure has everyone excited with studies showing this new laser technology can melt away 24 percent of fat in the treatment area in less than half an hour, with no downtime and with permanent results.


SculpSure is the newest and most cutting-edge technology for non-surgical fat removal treatment in more than a generation.

CSNY Plastic Surgical Group made the investment in this breakthrough technology that is approved by the FDA, based on published clinical tests documenting remarkable results after using SculpSure.

90% IN 90 DAYS

With a 90-percent success rate being reported, and optimal results seen in 90 days, SculpSure is considered the gold standard in body contouring.


CSNY cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Haim Misholy, points out that the ideal SculpSure candidate has a BMI of under 30, good skin tone, lives a healthy lifestyle and wants to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.

Unlike CoolSculpting, which can only target one area at a time, SculpSure treats multiple areas in one session. Abdomen, love handles, flanks, bra and back fat, thighs, arms, even the tough C-section pouch can all have stellar results with SculpSure.

“I can treat multiple areas at once with SculpSure’s separate applicator pads that are placed on each area for just 25 minutes. The pads deliver laser energy that breaks down the fat. As your body processes and excretes the destroyed fat cells, you get a more sculpted look after just six weeks,” says Dr. Hillard Warm of CSNY.


CoolSculpting requires the patient  to have excess fat that is squeezed between the paddles. With SculpSure there is no pinching or pulling of the skin.


The SculpSure laser heats your fat cells, which causes them to detach from your inner tissues and are then removed from your body via your lymphatic system.

The difference with this procedure is that once you destroy the fat cells, they are gone for good and the treatment area shrinks. Even if you gain weight, only the cells that are left are affected.


CSNY principal and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Jacobs, points out another advantage to using SculpSure.

“The laser energy used in SculpSure stimulates collagen and elastin production and actually tightens the skin, leaving the treatment area much smoother,” he says.


Once you’ve had a consultation with a doctor, your SculpSure treatment will proceed smoothly and painlessly. Many patients see results as early as six weeks following treatment, as the body begins to eliminate the destroyed fat cells; optimal results are usually seen at 12 weeks.

A SculpSure treatment is an ideal procedure to kick-start your diet and exercise program or be the final stroke in contouring your perfect body look.

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