Thermage® therapy uses a unique form of radiofrequency energy to tighten loose or sagging skin. The benefits of Thermage treatments include the smoothing of wrinkled or uneven skin, better definition of facial features around the eyes, jaw and neckline, and even the smoothing and toning of unsightly bulges, dimples and wrinkles on the face and body.
Using the Thermage wand, radiofrequency energy penetrates and heats skin tissue. The heat causes collagen to contract, which tightens the skin. Over time, as the collagen rebuilds itself, the skin tightens even more, further smoothing the treated areas, and can reshape your skin’s inner structure in a single treatment.

Thermage for the Face

Thermage Face can be used to lift sagging eyebrows, raise and sculpt cheekbones and redefine the jaw line. It can tighten wrinkles and  give a more revitalized, youthful appearance.
The ideal candidate for skin tightening with Thermage has mild laxity of skin, and is not yet a facelift candidate. Thermage is also used to supplement the effects of a facelift.

Areas that can be treated include:

  • Forehead and around the eyes
  • Mid & Lower Face: Cheeks, mouth, jawline, under the chin
  • Neck:  Loose neck skin and double chin.

The Thermage wand’s treatment tip is placed against the skin, first spraying it with a coolant , then heating it, then cooling it again. The cooling protects the top layer of skin as the radiofrequency energy heats the collagen in the lower layers. A gentle vibrating sensation has been added to make treatment even more comfortable. No preparation is required before undergoing treatment.
The length of treatment depends on the size of the treatment area and its condition. The face usually takes about 45 minutes; other parts of the body can take up to 90 minutes. The majority of patients require a single treatment, although that, too, depends upon the condition of the treatment area.

Thermage for the Body

Designed specifically for body sculpting, the newest Thermage tip delivers its tightening effect more deeply into the thicker dermal layers of the body to not only tighten existing collagen, but also eliminate unwanted superficial fat and improve the appearance of cellulite.
Thermage for the body results include flatter, smoother skin on the abdomen, legs, knees, buttocks and arms and reduces crepey skin and softens wrinkles above the knees.
Thermage is able to improve the appearance of cellulite and tighten and contour the legs and buttocks.