A Guide to Thermage

It seems like everyone wants to look young again, but not everyone wants to go under the knife. Fortunately, when you consider the variety of noninvasive procedures that are available these days, this goal is achievable. One nonsurgical way to smooth out your skin is Thermage. If you’re interested in tightening and lifting your skin in order to remove the typical signs of aging Thermage is a great option. Here’s what you need to know about the procedure.


Thermage is a single-treatment FDA-approved nonsurgical procedure that relies on radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin and contour the body. When the electrical current gets directed into the dermis, the skin cells heat up. This causes the current collagen to become tighter, and makes the body create new collagen. This is important because as we age, collagen breaks down, resulting in more wrinkles and fine lines. Thermage can fight off these effects, making you look younger by reducing wrinkles and sagging in the skin.


The reason people have Thermage is to achieve younger looking skin, without the more obvious change or recovery time that comes with surgery. The face is the usual target for Thermage, since so many people worry about facial wrinkles. Thermage can tighten and smooth the skin around your eyes, mouth, nose and neck in order to reduce the appearance of loose jowls and have a more defined jawline. But sagging, wrinkled skin doesn’t just show up on your face. It also affects the rest of the body, as your skin becomes thinner and looser as you age. Fortunately, Thermage can help smooth out wrinkles, creases and folds so the skin on your abdomen, arms, and knees look young again.


Since this procedure is noninvasive, there’s not much to prepare for on the day you have Thermage. You’ll likely meet with a provider beforehand to discuss the benefits of the procedure and see if it’ll meet your expectations. On the day you have the procedure, you can expect it to take only about an hour to smooth out your facial skin. If you’re having Thermage done on your body, it might take about an hour and a half. Since there’s no surgery or anesthesia involved, you don’t even have to take the whole day off to have Thermage.


After the procedure, you can go home and start admiring the results, as you’ll likely notice them within a day. However, your skin will continue to tighten and contour for the next six months or so, since your body will make new collagen during that time. As good as you look the day after having Thermage, watch for even more improvement over the next few months. Note that your skin might be a little red right after Thermage, but that should subside quickly. You’ll be able to resume your normal routine right after the procedure.

If  you’re looking for a noninvasive treatment that can make you look younger, Thermage might be a good option for you. Whether you want to treat the skin on your face, body or both, you can depend on this procedure to smooth out any wrinkles or fine lines that are making you look older than you’d like. If you want to learn more about Thermage and other treatments that may improve your appearance, come to Cosmetic Surgery of New York, PC for a free consultation.

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