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Eliminating fat in New York

Patients who are interested in a non-surgical method to improve their body contours may find their ideal solution at Cosmetic Surgery of New York. We are pleased to offer the first laser body contouring treatment to be approved by the FDA, SculpSure, in our Port Jefferson Station cosmetic surgery practice.

What is SculpSure Body Contouring?

SculpSure body contouring is a way to smooth away localized fatty deposits that have resisted your diet and exercise efforts.

In recent years, a number of modalities have been developed to either freeze away unwanted fat, or destroy these stubborn cells with heat. SculpSure is the first device to use precision laser technology to achieve the intended goal, which is a slimmer, sleeker you.

  • All body sizes, types, and skin types can be treated
  • Comfortable treatments take only about 25 minutes
  • Multiple areas can be treated in a single visit
  • Only one treatment may be necessary to achieve the desired result
  • No downtime needed

Is SculpSure Safe?

More than 100 patients were treated with SculpSure in multi-site clinical trials. The device disrupts fat cells without penetrating the skin directly, but through gentle wavelengths of light. Patient comfort is maintained with Contact CoolingTM .

Is SculpSure Permanent?

It is absolutely possible to maintain your new, sculpted body after SculpSure treatment. An important aspect of maintenance is a healthy lifestyle. During treatment, a percentage of the fat cells in a localized area are eliminated. New fat cells are not grown. However, the fat cells that remain can become enlarged. For this reason, diet and exercise are recommended as a normal part of your life.

Is SculpSure Effective?

Most patients who have been treated with SculpSure laser body contouring notice a reduction of 20 to 25% of the fat in the target area. This is significant when you don't have to squint or pose to see the results you want! In clinical trials, the satisfaction rate among study participants was over 90%.

How many times do I have to have SculpSure done?

Depending upon the desired amount  you wish to lose and your doctors recommendation, your SculpSure treatment will be completely customize to eliminate  your trouble spots that seem resistant to diet and exercise.

What does the SculpSure treatment feel like?

Tingling and heat is experienced during your SculpSure treatment it is very well tolerated.

When will I begin to see results from my sculpsure treatment?

SculpSure patients notice a visible results with in six weeksUpload: March 1, 2016 as the body begins to eliminate permanently destroyed fat cells. The best SculpSure results will be seen 12 weeks post treatment.

Does SculpSure guarantee my fat will not return?

Fat cells treated by SculpSure are permanently destroyed and are not able to regenerate. The fat cells are eliminated from your body and will not return.

Is there any downtime with sculpSure?

There is no downtime with SculpSure , you can return to your regular activities immediately. Many referred to SculpSure as a lunch hour laser liposuction treatment!

Why is sculpSure better or different than losing weight?

Everyone is born with a specific amount of fat cells. They stay consistent throughout our adult life. After being treated by SculpSure The destroyed fat cells will never return.

When we lose weight the size of the fat cells become smaller but will not decrease in number. How it works better and different than just losing weight is SculpSure targets area that many people have difficulty decreasing in size with just diet and or exercise.

How does SculpSure Work?

SculpSure targets unwanted fat with precision wavelengths that are especially effective on adipose fat tissue. It is this affinity for fat cells that facilitates the short treatment time when compared to other body contouring procedures such as CoolSculpting.

During the treatment session, 1060 nm wavelength passes through the epidermis to heat adipose tissue. The degree of warming is only slightly higher than you would feel during a hot shower, which is why patients find the process so tolerable. Beneath the surface, fat cells heated to the target temperature are disrupted to a point where apoptosis occurs. This process leads to the removal of what the immune system perceives as damaged cells.

Because SculpSure has been developed to work in concert with natural metabolic mechanisms, results from treatment become obvious over a 6 to 12 week time frame. This may be comparable to liposuction, which can leave lingering swelling for several weeks. The difference is that, after SculpSure treatment, you can get right back to your normal daily lifestyle!

Are you troubled by fatty deposits that are sticking to your waist, hips, abdomen, thighs, or arms? SculpSure may be the solution you need to minimize these areas without the commitment required of plastic surgery.

We are happy to speak with you about non-invasive laser body contouring. Schedule a visit to Cosmetic Surgery of New York at (631) 473-7070.

Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. SculpSure is intended
for non-invasive fat reduction for the flanks and abdomen. SculpSure is
not a weight loss solution for people who are obese.
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Cynosure owns exclusive rights to photography. Use of photography without
written permission of Cynosure is prohibited. SculpSure is a trademark and
Cynosure is a registered trademark of Cynosure, Inc. 921-7026-005 Rev. 1

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