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You don't have to fear your underarms another day! Learn more about MiraDry, then call Cosmetic Surgery of New York in Port Jefferson Station for a personal appointment.

What is MiraDry?

We are pleased to offer the latest generation of technology developed to treat the issue of excessive sweating. Research suggests that 1 in 5 people sweats excessively from their underarms, palms, or another area of the body. Maybe you don't have full-blown hyperhidrosis, but you sweat more than you feel comfortable with. MiraDry is an FDA-cleared treatment that will solve your underarm sweating problem immediately - and permanently.

Is MiraDry Safe?

To date, more than 6,000 MiraDry procedures have been performed worldwide. Patients continue to report minimal side effects, optimal tolerability of treatment, and successful results months after their non-invasive procedure.

Because the electromagnetic waves are preferential to a precise depth beneath the skin, they safely target sweat glands without disrupting surrounding tissue. Additionally, surface skin is maintained at a comfortably cool temperature via a built-in mechanism in the device's hand piece.

MiraDry, developed by Miramar Labs, has maximized the power of proven technology. While electromagnetic energy has not previously been used to treat excessive sweating, there are numerous other clinical applications that demonstrate the safety of this modality. Electromagnetic energy has been a valuable therapy in areas of medicine including oncology, cardiology, urology, general surgery, and cosmetic procedures.

One of the concerns that patients have about getting treatment to "shut off" or eliminate sweat glands in a problem area is compensatory sweating. Studies do not indicate that treating overactive sweat glands in one area of the body will cause other sweat glands to increase their activity. The overall temperature control functionality of sweating seems to remain consistent after MiraDry.

Is MiraDry Permanent? / How long does MiraDry Last?

MiraDray destroys targeted glands with controlled heat from electromagnetic waves. It is not believed that they grow back at any point. At this time, patients report continued improvement as much as eight months after treatment. Research on the longevity of results continues.

Most patients obtain the desired degree of sweat reduction with just one treatment. However, extreme cases of hyperhidrosis may require a subsequent treatment. We schedule this about three months after the initial treatment.

An important note about treatment is that most patients notice a complete cessation of sweating after their initial procedure. This is because of temporary swelling. Sweating will resume after a few weeks. However, in most cases, it is reduced by more than 80%.

How does MiraDry Work?

The MiraWave technology that is delivered during treatment targets not only sweat glands under the arms but odor glands, as well. In response to the electromagnetic waves emitted from the hand-piece, the glands go through what is called thermolysis. Essentially, the heat from the device causes decomposition of these glands. The destroyed glands are then removed naturally.

Patients need not wait for the treated glands to be eliminated to see the results they seek. Studies show that the destroyed glands are immediately rendered incapable of continued sweat production. A secondary effect that many patients notice after MiraDry is that underarm hair is either reduced or removed altogether.

Is the MiraDry treatment painful?

Before your procedure Anesthesia administered resulting in little to no pain

Does the MiraDry procedure have any side effects?

Some swelling or soreness may be noted however with a strong safety record what you may encounter is some swelling bruising or numbness. Your underarm area may be sensitive.

Can I exercise after the MiraDry treatment?

We suggest resuming exercise within several days however regular activities can be resumed immediately.

How much does the MiraDry treatment cost?

To be sure each patient receives the most from their Mira dry treatment protocol and pricing will be discussed during your consultation.

Is MiraDry Covered by Insurance?

Some insurance companies do offer coverage for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, but to get MiraDry covered may not be that simple. Several factors that are involved in an insurance company's decision to extend coverage to treatments. One is the availability of other modalities, such as prescription antiperspirant. Another is the history of the proposed treatment. MiraDry is still relatively new and has yet to develop the strong clinical reputation many insurance companies look for in deciding on coverage. Speak with your insurance company, and also consider using your Flexible Spending Account to cover the cost of this life-changing treatment.

Our team is happy to answer your questions about MiraDry. Contact our Port Jefferson Station office at (631) 473-7070.

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