Posts From January, 2017

The start of deodorants and antiperspirants

By Team Snowbird
January 17, 2017

There is an incredibly interesting article that describes the beginning of deodorant and antiperspirant use and how it turned into a $18 billion industry. The article is called “How Advertisers Convinced Americans They Smelled Bad.” Click here to read. Points to Note: The first deodorants came on the market 100 years ago. In the early ... read more

Consult, Consult, Consult: 3 Things to Know About Your Surgical Consultation

By Cosmetic Surgery of NY
January 15, 2017

Whether you are interested in getting a rhinoplasty (nose job) or a breast augmentation (boob job), you will have to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery of NY beforehand. During your consultation you will undergo an examination, be able to ask questions, and will have to fill out some forms. ... read more

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